09 August 2023

Tracer Study for Mzumbe University Graduates and Employers of Our Graduates

Dear our  Alumni and Employer of our Graduates.

As part of our effort to evaluate the effectiveness of our programs, Mzumbe University (formerly known as IDM Mzumbe) is conducting a tracer study .The tracer study is an important research initiative that seeks to trace the career paths of our graduates and evaluate the effectiveness of our programs in preparing students for the workforce. By gathering data on your/their  employment status, job satisfaction, and the skills you acquired during your studies, we can gain valuable insights into the relevance of our curriculum to the job market and the employability of our graduates.Your participation in this study is completely voluntary, but we would be very appreciative of your feedback. Your responses will be kept confidential, and the data collected will only be used for research purposes. 

We would like also to gather information from employers who have hired our graduates to help us better understand their employment outcomes and experiences in the workforce.

We would appreciate your participation in this study by completing the attached questionnaire. Your responses will help us identify areas where we can improve our programs and better prepare our graduates for the workforce.


For Our Alumni,Please complete the questionnaire by clicking the following link: https://edodoso.gov.go.tz/index.php/251986?lang=en

For Employer of Our graduates,Please complete the questionnaire by clicking the following link:https://edodoso.gov.go.tz/index.php/553198?lang=en



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