Responsibilities of this department:

1. Academic Programmes: Ensuring that academic programmes and curricular are in line with the ideals prescribed by Quality agencies, mainly Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU), Tanzania Universities Quality Assurance Forum (TUQAF), Inter-Universities Council for East Africa (IUCEA) among others. This includes the teaching methods, assessment approaches, technology used in teaching and learning and students' field work.

2. Students' Assessment: To monitor the student assessment system that is guided by Examination and Student Assessment Criteria By-Laws, approved by the Senate and ratified by the University Council. The process includes external moderation of the examination papers and marked scripts, internal examiners and faculty/institute board meetings followed by Senate approval. 

3. Students' Evaluation of Lecturers: To ensure students' are involved in the evaluation of lecturers on aspects including how best they teach, mark, and provide feedback to students is done. The Directorate is responsible to advise the management on the need for such feedback for quality education.


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