The Quality Assurance Unit is established at Mzumbe University as a requirement of the Tanzania Commission of Universities (TCU) which calls for every University to have a Quality Assurance Unit. Mzumbe University in response of this directive, established a Unit which is headed by the head of Unit. This unit is tasked to perform several tasks which will assure quality in delivery of education, research, consultancy and support services at the University at large. As such the Unit acts as a watchdog to see to it that the University adheres to the required standards in day-to-day activities in the following areas (to mention but a few):

  1. Monitoring, Coordination and Supervision of Teaching and Learning process, which includes all activities related to the quality of teaching and learning in the university;
  2. Overseeing quality in Research and Publications, where the Unit is responsible for implementing the University Quality Assurance policy related to research and publications including monitoring of quality of research and short course training, supervision, and community services;
  3. Monitoring quality of Support Services, which includes assessing of all activities related to staff and students’ welfare, accommodation, security, sports and games, health and infrastructure support services.


To promote and enhance the quality of university services through cooperation with staff and students as they interact with one another for the advancement of teaching, learning, research and community service.


To become a fully established university advisory and regulatory organ on all matters that affect the quality of teaching and learning processes.


For more information contact
Quality Assurance Unit,
P.O.Box 62,
Mzumbe, Morogoro.
Telephone : +255742762012,
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